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01. Born with the name of Kim Jong Woon.
02. Living with father, mother and one younger brother named Kim Jongjin a different age of 3 years with him.
03. Favorite color red.
04. Particularly liked the fall.
05. Twitter username is @ shfly3424.
06. Was idolized Moon Geun Young, Yesung explained that Moon Geun Yong is the ideal type of woman.
07. His stage name Yesung is taken from "Yesulgaui Seongdae (예술가 의 성대)" which means "Art of Voice."
08. Yesung was born on August 24, 1984 in Cheonan, South Korea.
09. Considered as the most bizarre in Super Junior.
10. Yesung has fingers are short. One of the members said that Yesung has the worst hands among the other members because Yesung possess great hands her fingers too short so unbalanced.

11. Yesung strange properties inherited from the mother because the mother Yesung often come early to the dorm and then kissing the Super Junior member.

12. Once upon a time, Yesung was walking around, then one ELF asked him what he was doing, and he replied that he had forgotten the way back toward the dorm. Finally Yesung ELF guided by the return to the dorm.

13. Yesung is a weird habit of holding the philtrum (indentation on the upper lip) of the members while they are sleeping because he thought the members are very innocent and cute while sleeping,

14. Yesung Ryeowook at the dorm with a roommate, they dubbed YeWook couple.

15. At Super Show 4 in Osaka on December 10 to 11, the nose hit sticks Yesung Donghae so he went backstage and returned with a red nose.

16. Siwon said that if there is Yesung behind you, a different aura. Kangin respond to the statement and said "As Asassin."

17. Eunhyuk said he was very lazy Yesung entered the room as weird aura.

18. Yesung never introduced himself to Ddabong (Ryeowook dogs) like this: "Hi, I'm Yesung who has the best vocal ability in Super Junior."

19. Yesung wanted to go on a honeymoon to Canada.

20. On May 10, 2008, Yesung was rushed to hospital unconscious after running 70 miles for Charity Marathon.

21. When Yesung was in school, she changed her hair color to red. Because school rules did not allow for hair coloring, Yesung wearing a helmet in the classroom. When his teacher asked, Yesung says that his head is too big so the helmet can not be separated. Therefore, Yesung nicknamed the big head.
22. When Yesung was in junior high school, he was eager to buy a radio. Because of his determination that Yesung saving allowance for months until finally Yesung can buy a radio. However, after buying the radio values ​​decrease and eventually mother Yesung throwing the radio. Yesungpun crying uncontrollably and plans to run away from home.
23. Very dear Yesung with Kyuhyun because Kyuhyun differing by 1 year of age with her sister Jongjin, Kyuhyun was born in 1988 and 1987 although Kyuhyun Jongjin often mengerjainya.
24. Yesung blood type is AB.
25. Yesung portions is the opposite of Eunhyuk. If you are eating a lot Eunhyuk, Yesung eating little but often frequency.
26. In 2009, Yesung replace Jonghyun to sing the song Ring Ding Dong because Jonghyun was exposed to the swine flu outbreak at the time.
27. While sleeping, Yesung has a habit of switching places every 20 minutes to the mattress members. This is the case if they were to stay at the hotel. Even mastercard Yesung to have in order to enter into the room members. Not only stay in the room other members, Yesung also fumbled philtrum members.
28. Kyuhyun says that he is often the victim of Yesung. He said, Yesung Kyuhyun likes groping.
29. In an event, Yesung never talk 2 hours nonstop. As a result 90% share in the cut and Yesung very traumatized about it.
30. Yesung hobby of collecting necklaces, earrings and bracelets that price-the price is very expensive.

31. Yesung very jealous because Heechul Heechul can play with the cat. Yesung finally decided to buy a tortoise won $ 300,000 Ddangkoma named. Instead of fun, even more bored because Yesung turtle was silent in the aquarium.
32. Yesung sad why turtles can live up to 80 years. Yesung worried about who will look after Ddangkoma if he was dead.
33. Yesung bought 2 more turtles to accompany Ddangkoma named Ddangkoming and Ddangkomaeng. Because the size is too big Ddangkoma, finally Yesung donated Ddangkoma.34. Instead, Yesung bought a cute Pomeranian dog named Kkoming. Just like Ddangkoma that can only be silent in the aquarium, Kkoming more frequent sleep than play with Yesung.
35. First kiss Yesung Yesung when two high school grade.
36. Yesung very affectionate with her mother because her mother was the one who played a major role in the career of Yesung. Yesung mothers who apply to the SM audition.
37. When in EHB (reality show Super Junior), Yesung says he collected snails.
38. In the room there is a hair dryer Yesung, catokan and pink striped headbands used to wash your face so that the members do not have to buy these items because it can borrow from Yesung.
39. Yesung joined the subgroup Super Junior KRY and Super Junior Happy.
40. Yesung favorite subject is penjas and spelling, and his least favorite subject is Math.

41. The highest ranking obtained Yesung is 2 and the lowest is 22.
42. Name Yesung increasingly skyrocketed since singing the soundtrack of the drama "Cinderella Step Sister" ie "It Has To Be You." The play starred Moon Geun Young as the lead role.
42. The song "It Has To Be You" sung by him reap many awards and honors throughout the year. Fans say that the song is sung very well by Yesung with character and a very good appreciation.
43. Yesung duet with Luna F (x) to sing the soundtrack of the drama "President" for the song "Loving You" where colleagues in Super Junior's Sungmin is also involved in the drama.
44. Super Junior's debut in the film "Attack On The Pin Up Boys", Yesung got the role as rock star.
45. Since the film scenenya very little, while the other members when thrown poop yelling "Aaaarrghh", Yesung actually shouted "Eomma". She said she was afraid her mother off guard so it does not notice it, so Yesung call Eomma who knows his mother to hear.
46. Yesung Babtols founded a restaurant named for his mother in Hongdae. Many ELF were eating place was even photographed with her mother and sister Yesung.
47. Babtols restaurant itself has been closed by Yesung because he was sorry for his mother who was exhausted. Instead, Yesung set up a coffee shop called Handel & Gretel which was officially opened on July 26, 2011 in Gangnam area, Seoul near the KBS and the Embassy of Indonesia.

48. Many of the artists who came to Handel & Gretel like Taeyeon, Yoona, and Simon D. Many say that the service at Handel & Gretel is very convenient. Coffe Shop is famous for its distinctive aroma of coffee.
49. In early debut, Yesung regarded as being quiet. Its odd and chatty began to unfold through the reality show EHB when Yesung was doing octopus dance. Should gauge length after growing octopus dance, but when applied to Yesung even less.
50. Yesung is a member of the fastest changing his expression. Than originally laughed out loud, one minute and then immediately became very cold.

51. Time Super Show 3 in Singapore, Yesung face chili pepper thrown by one of the fans.
52. Yesung closer to Ryeowook in Super Junior KRY than Kyuhyun.
53. When the accident that befell Leeteuk, Shindong and Kyuhyun in 2007, especially after crying Yesung Kyuhyun knew her dying. Yesung said to Kyuhyun Kyuhyun realized that if he promised not to scold Kyuhyun Kyuhyun menjahilinya though.
54. Yesung played in the musical South Korean Mountain Fortress, Hong Gil Dong and Spamalot.
55. Yesung has a knack preformance photography, Yesung likes to take selcanya own. Yesung said as his eyes are small so should be photographed from above so that her eyes look bigger. Yesung even like to comment on other people when you're taking photos.
56. Yesung's ideal type of woman is a woman whose face and personality as well as plain-faced baby face.
57. Yesung never scolded officials BC to cry because they do not have a lot of fans.
58. If you're bored or do not have a job, Yesung likes Ddangkoma invited to talk to her.
59. When recording a radio show, Yesung never cried and said that he had no fans.
60. Yesung been published in a Swiss magazine "Blick" stating that he was the son of North Korean President Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Woon. The main headline of the magazine said that the president would emyerahkan leadership to his son.
61. When Super Junior M is doing promotions in Taiwan, Yesung who replaced Eunhyuk as DJ for about 2 months on the show Sukira.
62. On August 8, 2008, Yesung was rushed to the hospital because of a fall from the stage at 1.5 feet during training for the show on KBS music program. Since then, Yesung confessed his love sore.
63. Yesung could not drink alcohol, therefore he never drank.
64. If you have retired from Super Junior, Yesung want to be businessmen.
65. Yesung often bully by Kangin.
66. Yesung As a child, he collected insects hobby.
67. Yesung Ryeowook most familiar with, so if Ryeowook cried, she would smile, and a few minutes later to cry.
68. Yesung was scared of the spirits / ghosts.
69. Yesung dance often strange and not so obvious that everyone who saw her dance laughed.
70. Yesung had joined as one of the participants at KBS Immortal Song 2.
71. Yesung was crying when going to sing the song One Man from Kim Jong Kook on KBS Immortal Song 2 because the song reminded him of the gravity of the days when he was a trainee.
72. When in Super Show 2, Yesung sang ballad entitled Resignation.
73. In 1999, Yesung won a competition menaynyi in Cheonan.
74. Yesung has appeared in a show that happened to Moon Geun Young also attended the event. ELF supports Yesung to approach the Moon. At Yesung will greet Moon, one of the ELF shouted to Moon, "Moon, there is Yesung here!" It instantly makes Yesung backwards with his face flushed with embarrassment.
75. Yesung ELF very supportive to date with Moon Geun Young.
76. Yesung never delirious sing a song.
77. Yesung is a member of the most expertly played "Accent Relay" or tongue twisters Korean style. The game is played on the pitch pronunciation. Wanting to show his talents preformance play, often tongue sprain and finally getting off the mark tone. Instead of being calm, Yesung will be more excited that his tongue sprain at the beginning of the word.
78. Yesung being hosted his own radio show "Miracle For You."
79. Although Yesung wearing a hat, Yesung will remain uncovered hair dress hat.

80. Shoe size Yesung 260-270.

81. Used for Korean ELF who wants to find images on google Yesung should add "Yesung big head" as if only "Yesung" just then coming out are pictures company that has a similar name.
82. Yesung sang the song "Waiting For You" soundtrack from "Paradise Ranch" where hoobaenya the SM Town, TVXQ's Changmin played a leading role in the drama.
83. Yesung when eating habits are holding chopsticks, lifting the edge of rmakanan.
84. Yesung is one of 3 Lead Vocal of Super Junior with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook.
85. In a comedy gameshow, Yesung Yesung lost and condemned to kiss Sungmin and Donghae farts.
86. When Yesung's birthday, his parents came to the television station. However, they came to watch Shin Hye Sung's comeback stage, not to meet her son.
87. Fansclub name for fans of Yesung is Clouds.
88. Yesung has shaped birthmark on his stomach Jeju Island.
89. Yesung Education: Preschool Boochunduksan, Cheonanchungsoo ES, Boosung JHS, SHS Byungchun, Chungwoon University and then transferred to Sunmoon University. 90. Yesung graduated in 2009 from Sunmoon University (Broadcast Music Major)
91. Yesung habit is forgetting to bring the bath towel. Rather than resort to the other members to get the towel, Yesung actually came out to take his own towel without using a single yarn.

92. Yesung is a Catholic.
93. Very jealous Yesung Siwon athletic body.
94. In cyworldnya, Yesung claimed to have almost died when drowned when he was in elementary school.
95. If you're playing twitter, Yesung tweeted often about movies that he recommended to the ELF so Yesung nicknamed Mr. Movie.
96. Yesung likes touching the philtrum Siwon compared to members-members.
97. Yesung often dubbed the protest if big head, Yesung said "Hey stop calling me a big head, my head's not big!"
98. Type Yesung is Baritone voice.
99. Yesung is one member of Super Junior were talkative, crazy, odd, and no shame.
100. How to introduce yourself Yesung is: "annyeonghaseyo, I was Yesung, the member with the most beautiful voice in Super Junior."

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